Thursday, March 08, 2007


The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center is an amazing site, with summary information and articles on terrorist organizations in the Middle East, country by country, as well as on global jihad. The graphics are superb; many are of the original in Arabic. Much of this information is hard to come by in the ordinary news media. The text is backed by meticulously-researched hard evidence.

Gamla is an attractive and innovative web site. It carries commentaries by Daniel Pipes, Joseph Farah, Louis Beres and Emanuel Winston; and the analysis of Islam by Bernard Lewis. It carries pictures of happy Arabs celebrating the deaths of Americans and Israelis.

Think-Israel features essays and commentaries that provide context for the continuing crisis in Israel. Reports on global anti-Semitism. The war Islam is waging against Israel and the West is their top priority. Historical and Investigative Research

Fox News is a less biased alternative to other general news sources such as CNN, ABC and the BBC.

Independent Media Review Analysis provides thoughtful analyses of current events and the results of the latest polls taken in Israel. It's easy to search their archives to track a specific subject.

Likud Holland prints articles in both Dutch and English from many sources on antisemitism and Arab rejectionism, terrorism and how they educate their children. Articles can be searched individually or by topic.

MidEast Truth has a attractively-designed, highly-informative website, which carries excellent articles on Israel and its neighbors.

Middle East Forum is a Philadelphia-based think tank that publishes articles from the Middle East Quarterly including some written by Daniel Pipes and Martin Kramer.

Palestine Media Watch monitors the Arabic press. It translates what Arabs say to Arabs in Arabic in their newspapers and on TV. These are presented, often with pictures, in well-done Bulletins. takes the New York Times to task. Its well-written comments point out inane remarks and downright errors in the New York Times. Search their archives for articles on Israel.

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