Monday, March 26, 2007

I wanna be a "palestinian" too

from Jawa Report

Help me I'm being oppressed alert! If it wasn't for the fact that Palestinian Authority controlled land was so thoroughly ethnically cleansed and is now completely Jew-free, then I might just blame this on the Zionist oppressors.

Not that I'm against Arabs living in mansions--I'm all for anybody living in as large a house as they can afford, restricted only by their conscience--but I do think this is a glaring example of both the media and Palestinian agitator hypocrisy. When was the last time you saw any images of Palestinians which weren't of "refugee camps" or of kids being "oppressed by Israel"? The only thing more satisfying would be to learn that these mansions had Hamas officials living in them since one of their major sources of support seems to have been from the destitute masses which perceived Fatah officials as systematcally corrupt. Heh, even Hamas gets things correct from time to time.

Shiloh Musings has more pics here and here. Thanks to Dust My Broom for the tip.

UPDATE: More pics of Palestinians being "oppressed".

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