Thursday, March 29, 2007

Black Spring and Other News From Cuba

A former Czech dissident, symbolically dressed as prisoner, stands behind bars in a mock prison cell in support of Cuban political prisoners’ wives, during a peaceful rally at Wenceslas Square in Prague March 16, 2007. The mock prison was built by the organisation People in Need (PIN), which organised a demonstration outside the Cuban embassy on March 15 to call for the release of Cuban political prisoners.
Mass-murderer Fidel Castro to die unpunished
Reporters Without Borders: Spring just as sombre for independent press four years after Black Spring crackdown

Human Rights First: Four Years Since Cuba Crackdown - Release Activists Still in Prison

Carlos Serpa Maceira: Participan Damas de Blanco en Misa por el eterno descanso del ex preso político Miguel Valdez

Former agents for the regime of Fidel Castro reveal what has for years been covered up: Castro directly ordened the death of would-be communist tyrant Salvador Allende, because the regime was aware that Allende was about to surrender.

Ex-agentes del gobierno castrista han revelado que Fidel dio la orden de liquidar a Allende

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