Wednesday, March 14, 2007

"How Many Jews Did Mama Kill?"

from and
Rim Al-Riyashi with her son

Lionizing -- actually canonizing -- a mass murderer.

"Children of Palestinian Suicide Bomber Rim Al-Riyashi on Hamas TV: Mama Killed Five Jews and She Is in Paradise," from MEMRI:

The following are excerpts of an interview with the children of Palestinian suicide bomber Rim Al-Riyashi, which aired on Al-Aqsa TV on March 8, 2007.


Interviewer: "Let's talk with the two children of the jihad-fighting martyrdom-seeker Rim Al-Riyashi, Dhoha and Muhammad. Dhoha, you love Mama, right? Where did Mama go?"
Dhoha: "To Paradise."
Interviewer: "What did Mama do?"
Dhoha: "She committed martyrdom."
Interviewer: "She killed Jews, right?"
Interviewer: "How many did she kill, Muhammad?"
Muhammad: "Huh?"
Interviewer: "How many Jews did Mama kill?"
Muhammad: "This many... "
Interviewer: "How many is that?"
Muhammad: "Five."
Interviewer: "Do you love Mama? Do you miss Mama?
"Where is Mama, Muhammad?"
Muhammad: "In Paradise."
Interviewer: "Dhoha, what would you like to recite for us?"
Dhoha: "In the name of Allah the Merciful the Compassionate: 'When comes the help of Allah, and victory, and you see people entering the religion of Allah in troops, then celebrate the praise of your Lord, and ask His forgiveness, for He is ever ready to show mercy.'"

That's the Qur'an, of course -- sura 110:1-3.

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