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Excerpt from Mark Pearlstein's Comment:

Alija Izetbegovic appointed the Muslim National Council (MNC) of Bosnia to achieve long-term aspirations, to create a Muslim state in the Balkans. This state would defend the Muslim interests throughout Yugoslavia, i.e. Sandzak, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia. "Rise brother Muslims, there are enough of us to accomplish our goals, whom the Muslim and those of Muslim blood will not betray. This time will never come again. Now is the opportunity to realize the dream of every Muslim" [quoted in Doc Center, 2002 from the Bosnian Muslim magazine VOX].

Among other objectives the MNC was working for were the creation of a Muslim state within the borders of present day B&H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] and formation of the Muslim Armed Forces.

In October 1991, the MNC defined its political platform:

"The day is nearing when the announced Islamic Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be proclaimed. The date, which every Muslim in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sandzak [Raska] is ardently waiting for has been known for a long time to be the 31st December. There are some indications that the Serbs might oppose this historic event...Every individual Serb must be aware of the responsibility of the entire nation, the penalty for crimes will be collective -- for one dead Muslim one hundred Serbs will be liquidated -- for one wounded Muslim (depending on the wound severity) 10-50 Serbs will be executed" [ibid].

The document further elaborates how the Serbs would be treated in the [Bosnian] Islamic Republic.

"All Serbs will have a 12-hour working day. The wages will be proportionate to the loyalty of all employees and as a rule they will be paid 30 percent less than the wages of Muslims whom occupy the same post ... Serbs will receive rations for food, which they will obtain in special shops. Serbs do not have national parties and if the do not abide by the rules of political life, they will not be entitled to political organization or to vote..Serbs are equal to Muslims if, of their own will, they are received into the Islamic faith of their forefathers... A good Serb is a living and obedient Serb or a dead, disobedient Serb" [ibid].

The presidency of the Association of the Islamic Clergy (Ilmia) for B&H [Bosnia-Herzegovina] offered in 1992 in huge print, run in annual Takvim, the following instruction for jihad:

"Jihad in Islam is not only a war in the name of Allah. In reality, Islam is a revolutionary ideology and program that aims at changing the social system of the whole world and order it in harmony with its regulations and ideals.
Islam wants to destroy all the states and governments anywhere on earth which stand opposed to the ideology and program of Islam, regardless of the state or the nation that is in power. The purpose of Islam is to establish the state based on its ideology and program, no matter which nation becomes the bearer of Islam or which nation is undermined in the process of establishing the ideological Islamic state" [ibid].

This magazine [Bosnian Muslim magazine Vox] bears a large measure of responsibility for spreading hatred against the Serbs.

In the first issues of this "youth magazine" the hatred was directed against the Serbs in Belgade and Serbia and subsequently the magazine started publishing threats and predicting more massacres of Serbs in B&H.

The same magazine published documents based on the ideas Izetbegovic presented in his "ISLAMIC DECLARATION"; DECLARATION OF THE SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA - HERZEGOVINA; POLITICAL PLATFORM OF THE MOSLEM NATIONAL COUNCIL; WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO SERBS IN THE ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF BOSNIA - HERZEGOVINA; AND OTHERS..." (From "The Eradication of Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina 1992-1993")

"Substantial and irrefutable evidence is increasingly becoming available to US intelligence and political agencies as to the extent of the connection between al-Qaida terrorist groups, narco-trafficking and the Kosovo Albanian leadership within Serbia. This was highlighted extensively in the 1995 book by Yossef Bodansky, Offensive in the Balkans: The Potential for a Wider War as a Result of Foreign Intervention in Bosnia-Herzegovina, published by the International Strategic Studies Association (ISSA), and the 1996 book by Yossef Bodansky, Some Call it Peace: Waiting for War in the Balkans, also published by ISSA. [ISSA is the non-profit organization associated with Defense & Foreign Affairs and the Global Information System.]

"Among the new material being circulated in Washington, DC, is a study compiled by the Documentation Center of the Republica Srpska Bureau of Relations with the International Tribunal for War Crimes in The Hague. The study, entitled Islamic Fundamentalists' Global Network-Modus Operandi: Model Bosnia, offers extensive new material detailing the linkages between al-Qaida and, for example, Bosnian Government officials, and how the al-Qaida cells operate in the area."

See also:

"Bosnian President [Alija Izetbegovic] - Ayatollah Khomeyni's Right Hand Man," July 15, 2003

Sir Alfred Sherman, "False Parallels," Jewish Chronicle, December 4, 1992

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