Saturday, February 17, 2007

Heil Jihad! Parte 2

Grand Mufti with Hitler

Syria, Lebanon and nazi Germany

Despite all of this, according to the western media, the left and the Arabs, the Israelis/Jews are the nazis...


Arab-Palestinian Holocaust Denial

is expressed openly in the Palestinian Authority. Senior Palestinian historians, Issam Sisalem, and Jirar Al Kidwah, Head of the Public Library and Arafat’s advisor, teach that the story of the Holocaust was a Jewish lie in order to gain world sympathy, which lead to the creation of the State of Israel.

An Arab-palestinian religious leader argues that the Jewish leaders were responsible for the murder of the Jews in the Holocaust. "Dr." Muhammam Ibrahim Maadi.


by John Loftus

This is a fascinating view into John Loftus' experiences researching Nazi criminals and pursuing Arab terrorists. Of particular interest is his discussion of the linkage between Al-Qa'ida and the Muslim Brotherhood, an organization that was founded in the 1920s, funded early on by Adolf Hitler and more recently by Saudi Arabia. He has also been active in the attempt to get some of the information out of government vaults to where it can do some good in helping in the fight against terrorists.

[Editor's Note: To date, Think-Israel has printed a significant article on the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood in Europe ("The Muslim Brotherhood's Conquest Of Europe") and a Blog-ed on "A Rare Look At Secretive Brotherhood in America".)

The "Rare Look" article includes some information on a Muslim Brother -- Yusuf Qaradawi, whose name also crops up in articles on the riled and indignant Arabs who demonstrate against the Danish cartoons of Mohammed (See Danish Cartoons.) What interesting linkages!] READ MORE

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