Saturday, February 10, 2007

Al Gore e uma Verdade Incoerente/ An Incoherent Truth

Mario Lewis Jr. do Competitive Enterprise Institute – listou 10 páginas ( ) de mentiras, exageros, distorções e evidências inconvenientes que foram sumariamente ignoradas no documentário. Lewis notou, entre outras coisas, que Gore compara "sucesso" com a "redução de taxas de crescimento populacional".

Mario Lewis Jr. of the Competitive Enterprise Institute – listed 10 pages of the film’s falsehoods, exaggerations, distortions, or ignored evidence. Lewis noted, among other things, that Gore “misanthropically” equates “success” with the “reduction of global population growth rates.”

Convenient Fiction? Documentary Plans to Challenge Gore

The Cows Missed the Movie (Ignored is the year-end revelation that bovine flatulence makes a far greater contribution to so-called “Greenhouse gases” than human activity, representing a full 14 percent of worldwide methane emissions. (How long until we see the headline: “Cow Farts; Rips Hole in the Ozone Layer”?)

Al Gore Is Captain Planet

Profiles in Left-Wing Hypocrisy

Gore Isn't Quite as Green as He's Led the World to Believe

Al Gore's Movie Offers Global Warming Hysteria With Harmful 'Solutions'

The Pseudoscientific Gospel According to Al Gore

Gore, Al

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