Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Left-Wing Antisemitism

"Anti-Zionist" caricature in a Moldovan SSR newspaper (August 27, 1971). The image of spider (traditionally used by antisemites) represents Zionism; the web is woven from: "deception, lies, provocations, Anti-Sovietism, the Jewish question, anti-Communism"

Information on the role of radical leftists in promoting hatred of Jews and denial of the Holocaust.

Left-wing movements have often vilified Jews as capitalist exploiters.
Detailed study of left-wing antisemitism.

How the Trotskyist movement became antisemitic.
The ideological convergence of far-left anti-capitalists and far-right antisemites.
How left-wing anti-Zionist Jews promote antisemitism, often quite deliberately.

Soviet antisemitic campaigns during the Cold War.
Russia’s communists are still fomenting hatred of Jews in the post-Soviet era.

“Engage” blog, Anyone But Tom Hickey
Left-wing incitement against Jews in Britain.
Left-wing activists in Germany demand the destruction of Israel and blame Jews for global capitalism.
Austrian socialists promote a Nazi fanatic.
Left-wing politicians in Spain vilify Jews.
Venezuelan leftists declare that Israelis are worse than Nazis and threaten that Jews “will undergo another Holocaust.”

An Unholy Alliance Australian campus leftists are so blatantly antisemitic that their Muslim allies are embarrassed by them.
The antisemitic and totalitarian ideology of left-wing extremists in Israel.


“Judeosphere,” “Zionist Groups”

“Archontan,” The Left on Darfur: Genocide Denial and Antisemitism Radical leftists deny the major contemporary genocide and blame the Jews for trying to stop it.

Pacifica Lectures Decried As Anti-Semitic Campus anti-Zionists promote neo-Nazism and Holocaust denial.

“Harry’s Place,” Atzmon Slams “Jewish Tribal Activists” Radical leftists promote an ex-Israeli antisemite.

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