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Left-Wing Antisemitism II

Robert Goldberg, Donkey See, Monkey Do
Documenting antisemitism on other American leftist sites

“Judeosphere,” Counterpunch Columnist is Writing Iranian Propaganda
Alexander Cockburn’s far-left website promotes Jew-baiters and neo-Nazi apologists.

“Judeosphere,” Still Crazy After All These Years

Lanny J. Davis, Liberal McCarthyism

“Harry’s Place,” Counterpunch

“Harry’s Place,” Counterpunch on Israel and 9/11

Kate Raynes-Goldie, Race Baiting
Antisemitic McCarthyism in a Canadian leftist magazine.

Jeremy Jones, Alternative’s Reality
Antisemitic incitement on an Australian Indymedia site.

“Harry’s Place,” “I’m Not a Racist, But...”
Nazi-style antisemitic imagery in the British left-wing media.

“Judeosphere,” Ordfront’s Affront
Antisemitic conspiracy theories in a Swedish leftist magazine.

Non-Jewish Antisemites
Daniel Berrigan’s Speech to Arabs Stirs a Furor Over Award [PDF]
Report on the notorious diatribe by militant priest Daniel Berrigan.

Jason Maoz, Coffin’s Mideast Conformity
The antisemitic rhetoric of radical icon William Sloane Coffin.

Norman Podhoretz, Vidal’s Outburst: An Ominous New Stage in Anti-Semitism [PDF] Deplores left-wing indifference to Gore Vidal’s infamous essay in The Nation.

Brian Carnell, Cockburn on Jewish Control of the Media
Alexander Cockburn asserts that Jews control the media and proceeds to blame Jews for 9/11 and the anthrax scare.

William Grim, The Strange Case of Horst Mahler
How a founder of Germany’s Red Army Faction turned into a prominent Nazi.

Mr. Nader’s Baiting
Ralph Nader warns that the Israeli “puppeteer” controls the White House and Congress.

“Judeosphere,” Moonbats in Glass Houses
The antisemitic ravings of leftist fanatic John Kaminski - and of the leftists who pretend to repudiate him.

Daniel Johnson, The Other Cheek?
Andrew O’Hagan of the London Review of Books complains that antisemites are being “crucified” by the Jewish “thought police.”

Norway up in Arms After Author Asserts Israel Has Lost Right to Exist
Jostein Gaarder’s vicious outburst against “God’s chosen people.”

Jewish Antisemites
Rachel Neuwirth, Noam Chomsky and Anti-Semitism
The sordid record of the cult leader’s involvement with Jew-hatred.

Norman G. Finkelstein, Interview: A Man Sees Red [Excerpts]

Norman G. Finkelstein, Interview: “Jews Are Immune From Any Kind of Criticism” [Excerpts]

Deborah Passner, Norman Finkelstein’s Fraudulent Scholarship

Steven Plaut, DePaul University’s Moment of Truth

Noam Chomsky’s disciple Norman G. Finkelstein dismisses the Holocaust as an extortion racket against Germany, says that Jews run America, compares Israelis with Nazis, justifies al-Qaeda, champions Hezbollah, speaks alongside Hamas supporters and gives interviews to Lebanese Holocaust deniers.

Jonathan Kay, Trent University’s Problem Professor
Exposes anti-Zionist professor Michael Neumann, who admits to encouraging vicious antisemitism and the destruction of Israel.

Jeffrey Blankfort’s Hate Message
Sixties veteran Jeffrey Blankfort blames Zionism for the Holocaust and describes the existence of Israel as a “cancer” that threatens the future of the planet.

The Mark Elf Files

“Harry’s Place,” Trouble in Paradise
British blogger Mark Elf provides a platform for the Blood Libel, portrays Zionism as a belief in “Jewish supremacy,” writes of Zionists “dominating, if not controlling” the media, looks forward to Israel’s destruction and defends those who wish to be “rid of a Zionist presence.”

Jewish Pro-Palestinian in Hot Water For “Satanic” Israel Jibe
Deborah Fink, recruitment officer for an anti-Zionist political sect, proclaims that the Jewish state is a “Satanic state.”

Jewish Antisemites (Israel)
Steven Plaut, Uri Avnery Finds a “Fascist”
The fascist background of Israel’s most notorious PLO apologist.

Jonathan Rosenblum, An Israel Prize For Wagner?
The murderous rhetoric of Yigal Tumarkin and his comrades.

Werner Cohn, Shahak: The Jews Are Bad!

Diana Muir, Review of Israel Shahak and Norton Mezvinsky

Jason Maoz, The Wicked Son
The Blood Libels of Israel’s worst antisemite and his American collaborator.

Alan Dershowitz, Neve Gordon Can’t Take Criticism
Norman Finkelstein’s acolyte Neve Gordon defended the killers of Jewish children and then resorted to a Holocaust-denying judge to silence his critic Steven Plaut.

Steven Plaut, A Second Blood Libel Anti-Semite From Israeli Academia
Yehiam Sorek offers his support to discredited Blood Libel historian Ariel Toaff.

Left-Wing Holocaust Deniers
Pierre Vidal-Naquet, The Fantastic Calculations of Paul Rassinier
French socialist Paul Rassinier was one of the first Holocaust deniers.

Pierre Vidal-Naquet, On La Vieille Taupe and Cannibalism
The far-left outfit La Vieille Taupe - led by Pierre Guillaume and Serge Thion - became a major source of Holocaust denial propaganda.

Abraham H. Foxman, Letter to The Nation
The Nation is caught running an ad for Holocaust deniers.

Oliver Kamm, Chomsky’s Outlets
Kamm exposes a Holocaust denier at Z Magazine.

Peter N. Kirstein, Should Respectable Historians Attend and Speak at Conferences Hosted by David Irving?
A far-left history professor argues that his comrades should “build coalitions” with Holocaust deniers such as the “provocative and intrepid” David Irving.

Steven Plaut, The Neonazi Ties of the Leftist Lunabrits

“Judeosphere,” Former Counterpunch Columnist Questions the Holocaust

“Harry’s Place,” Denying the Denial
Alexander Cockburn and other left-wing Israel-haters have promoted and defended Holocaust deniers.

Professor Disputes Holocaust
Holocaust denial by 9/11 conspiracy theorist Jane Christensen.

“Judeosphere,” The Professor Meets the Holocaust Denier
Daniel McGowan of PLO front group Deir Yassin Remembered lends his support to Ernst Zundel, publisher of The Hitler We Loved and Why.

“Zionist-Nazi Conspiracy” Theorists
Historical Background
US Holocaust Memorial Museum, Jewish Aid and Rescue Zionists saved tens of thousands of Jews, many of them children, from the Nazis.

Jewish Agency Executive, Debate on the Rescue of Hungarian Jews [PDF]

Zionist Rescue Efforts: Records From the Eichmann Trial
Documentary evidence of Zionist determination to rescue Jews during the Holocaust.

WZO/Jewish Agency, Ben Hecht’s Perfidy: An Analysis of His Rewriting of History Demolishes the Hollywood scriptwriter’s polemic, which was exploited by a generation of antisemites.

Soviet Propagandists
“Vile Slander Campaign” by Heirs of “Traitors”

Pravda on “Common Essential Features of Fascism and Zionism”

Waldheim Election: “Malicious” Campaign by Zionists
Soviet antisemitic ideology claimed that the Holocaust was a conspiracy betwen Zionists and Nazis.

Western Leftists
C. C. Aronsfeld, Review of Lenni Brenner [PDF]

Lenni Brenner and Hillel Halkin, Exchange: Saving Jews [PDF]

“Engage” blog, A Disputation With a Disputer
American communist Lenni Brenner promoted the Soviet line on “Zionist-Nazi collaboration.”

David Pryce-Jones, The Perdition Affair [PDF]

“Engage” blog, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign Remembers the Holocaust by Blaming the “Zionists”

Stan Crooke, “Anti-Zionist” Play Will Mark Holocaust Memorial Day
British communist Jim Allen’s antisemitic play Perdition accused Zionist leaders of colluding in the massacre of Hungarian Jewry.

Questions For Tony Greenstein

Tony Greenstein and the Nazi Apologists

Exchange: Tony Greenstein - More Lies Than Paragraphs
British communist Tony Greenstein promotes the Zionist-Nazi conspiracy myth while justifying communist collaboration with the Nazis and praising antisemites and Nazi apologists.

Sean Matgamna, With Hitler on the Road to Samara
A sane communist points out that his comrades’ views on Zionist responsibility for the Holocaust are reminiscent of Nazi propaganda.

Sever Plocker, Zizek and the Zionist-Nazi Alliance
Philosopher Slavoj Zizek is the latest leftist intellectual to blame Zionists for the Holocaust.

Other Holocaust Falsifiers
Dave Rich, The Left and the Holocaust

Michael Ezra, The Abuse of Holocaust Memory: The Far Right, the Far Left and the Middle East
The totalitarian left’s Blood Libels about “Zionist-Nazi collaboration,” “the Holocaust industry,” etc.

Allan J. Lichtman, The Terrible Whys of German History

Richard Breitman, A Nazi Crusade?
The ideological fictions of Princeton historian Arno Mayer, who pretended that the Holocaust was an unintended result of the invasion of the Soviet Union and that most of the victims died from “natural”causes.

Shraga Elam and David Irving

Anti-Zionists “Debate” Hitler’s Guilt

Anti-Zionists “Debate” Hitler’s Guilt, Cont.
Anti-Zionist Shraga Elam sends a friendly message to Holocaust denier David Irving in which he denies Hitler’s responsibility for Auschwitz. There follows an equally friendly “debate” with his fellow Israel-haters.

Paul Bogdanor, David Stannard, Ward Churchill and the Holocaust
In this letter I give further examples of far-left pseudo-scholars who publish falsehoods about the Holocaust.

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