Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Left and Gun Control

It didn't take long, did it? Not that I am surprised.

Rather them place the blame on the shoulders of the man, a South Korean on a visa, who killed more than thirty people in cold blood, we would blame the weapon he used.

Because, as we all know, murder was not invented until the gun was invented. Furthermore, people do not kill people, guns kill people. Anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously a moron. Europe, and our liberal friends, know best and anyone who loves freedom and liberty, and who believes in the Constitution and the 2nd amendment, has blood on their hands.

Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) blames Republicans and President Bush for massacre

Moran suggested Republicans were to blame for Monday's tragedy at Virginia Tech, which left 33 dead and injured another 30. The anti-gun congressman said Republican policies made it easy for the shooter to obtain a gun.

When the show's host tried to suggest that the gunman may have been hellbent on killing regardless of the law, Moran turned the conversation back to the GOP, complaining that the United States needs a national registry to track all firearms purchases and more stringent gun-control laws. Moran then blamed Bush and Republicans in Congress for opposing such measures at the behest of the NRA.

... European newspapers are blaming the lack of gun control measures in the United States and implying that Charlton Heston is indirectly responsible for the scope of the killings.

Across the continent on Tuesday, European media rubber-neck at Monday's massacre in the United States. Most seem to agree about one thing: The shooting at Virginia Tech is the result of America's woeful lack of serious gun control laws.

Yet, in this sea of anti-gun insanity the voices of sanity remain.
Below is a link to an article EVERYONE should read. I posted a link about this story yesterday, and John Tabin connects the dots further.
God Wants Gun Control-The 'religious' Left exploits the Virginia Tech murders. More>

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