Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Video: Bloodshed and Anarchy in Gaza

"Palestinians" from Gaza:“We Pray that Israel will Come Back and Rule Us Again"

Here’s another UK TV clip from LGF operative Kasper, a better look at the situation in Gaza than we usually get from US media, in which a Palestinian man fed up with the fighting and bloodshed says he wishes Israel would come back in and take over.

"Hamas is Worse than Israel, Worse than Sharon"

The speaker of those words is one Ziad Zaranda, the Gazan whose fiancée, Yusra Azzami, 20, was murdered because the couple were seen walking by the sea and Hamas operatives decided this act was so immoral, she deserved to die.

The young couple's tale is fraught with implications for Palestinian political and social life, but I focus on Zaranda's statement that Hamas is worse than Israel because it fits a theme I have researched for some years and have just gone into print with. Titled "The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat," the longish article provides what may be the first-ever compilation of pro-Israel statements by Palestinians, then draws some conclusions from this recurring pattern.
Palestinos pró-Israel
Pro-Israel Palestinians
"The Hell of Israel Is Better than the Paradise of Arafat"

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