Monday, May 28, 2007

The Top 100 Chomsky Lies

Naom Chomsky is undoubtly the uncrowned King of 'The New Age of Unreason', the Halal Hippie guru, the Naivist inspiration, the placard poster-boy of the useful idiots and the psychiatric messup needed to twist rationality and reason into an ideological mental masturbation of wet dreams featuring Pol Pot, Marx, Stalinist Russia in an intellectual gangbang full of unseen and absurd perversities spiced with masochistic self-hatred through fascination with primal primitivism giving the sense of satisfaction.

Here are some of the finer pearls of the Chomsky lies:

"in comparison to the conditions imposed by US tyranny and violence, East Europe under Russian rule was practically a paradise."
Deaths: 25 million in the former Soviet Union, 65 million in China, 1.7 million in Cambodia, and on and on
"The United States and Britain fought the war, of course. But not primarily against Nazi-Germany. The war against Nazi-Germany was fought by the Russians... You have to ask yourself whether the best way of getting rid of Hitler was to kill tens of millions of Russians. Maybe a better way was not to support him (Hitler) in the first place, as Britain and the United States did"

"In January 1976, the US was compelled to veto a UN Security Council Resolution calling for a settlement in terms of an international condsensus, which now included a Palestinian state alongside Israel... [Israel alleged] that the PLO not only backed this peace plan but in fact 'prepared' it; The PLO condemned the tyranny of the veto (in words of the PLO representative) by which the US blocked this important effort to bring about a peaceful two-state settlement.'
The PLO resolution was 'The right of return' and the dissolution of Israel.
PLO publicly stressed - 'This Zionist ghetto must be destroyed' and 'We will not recognize Israel'.

"[By 1982] The PLO was getting extremely annoying to Israel with its insistence on a negotiated settlement of the conflict"
The PLO stated 'Peace to us means the destruction of Israel'.

"I see no Antisemitic implications in denial of gas chambers, or even in denial of the Holocaust"

Get more laughs with more Chomsky lies and absurdities:

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